Dean Hohl

Leading Concepts:Leadership Development and Team Building Seminars:

When defeat is not an option, how do you create victory? Our Leadership courses and Team Building workshops have prepared thousands of managers and teams to succeed in today's complex business environment. Proven by Special Ops Ranger Teams in combat and perfected for the business battlefield since 1993, Leading Concepts (LC) has refined a battle-tested, battle-proven approach to Leadership Development and Team building that will help your company be victorious on today's Corporate Battlefield.

The results are incredibly fast! The performance sustaining! The model is scalable!

Rangers Lead the Way shows you how to put a team together and through effective leadership training activities develop it to the highest levels. In Rangers Lead the Way, authors Dean Hohl founder of Leading Concepts and Maryann Karinch show how you can adapt the Rangers’ principles of leadership development and teamwork to the workplace and generate incredible results.

Hire the Right people. Give A Sh*T! (GAS) is the first book to finally offer a simple, easy, fast, and effective interviewing tool that separates average talent from exceptional talent at every level. Most companies and managers follow the same hamster wheel approach that's been used for years. Or worse, they 'wing it'! GAS will help you narrow down the best candidate by identifying the talent to help your organization achieve victory on the 'business battlefield'.